We at BLACKS RACKS are car enthusiasts with a great passion for Holden vehicles. Having built & driven many Holdens, mainly HQ-WB's, we have found that you can build a car to look good, go fast & handle & stop well. However when it comes to steering, you could only achieve so much in restoring the original recirculating ball steering box & associated linkages.

While rebuilding a HQ Monaro, we looked for someone to supply a power rack & pinion conversion. We couldn't find a system that would bolt up without chassis modifications or a custom set of extractors. Nothing had been engineered certified or improved on the standard system.

We endeavoured to create our own system & after considerable time & effort we produced a kit that is:

  • completely bolt on
  • requires no chassis modification
  • doesn't require modified or custom-made extractors
  • minimal bump steer
  • engineer certified and a LS3 design approval code issued
  • improves considerably on the original system as well as being very simple to install.

The rack & pinion kit eliminates play in the steering system. It uses a more direct gearing system than the factory steering box which enables a positive direct feel that can't be achieved from a factory steering box. Original factory style power pump can be used with rack conversion, however we recommend & can supply a brand new late model power pump, adjusted and tested to suit the steering rack.